AHC Certified Public Accountants Limited Co.

AHC houses a team of bonafide, certified public accountants specializing in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Advisory, Tax services, and outsourcing to various business entities in the Philippines. Whether it is the recording of your books from scratch, updating your books periodically, or maintaining them full-time, we provide you with personalized and professional accounting services with experienced CPAs. AHC offers monthly or yearly Accounting and Bookkeeping including Financial Reporting and regulatory requirement services for their clients in Makati, Manila, Ortigas, and Fort Bonifacio (BGC). Besides our accounting and bookkeeping services in the Philippines, we also offer assistance to our clients by conducting preparations for tax and PEZA compliance to keep your business’ operations sailing smoothly within their respective markets.

We assist local and foreign business entities by providing convenience with document collection during accounting periods and create public documents for transparency purposes.
Our team handles regulatory requirement services such as PEZA compliance and BIR tax compliance to help businesses settle their income tax obligations with the government.
Special Services
AHC also offers unique special services such as comparison of client account records with bank records and due diligence to help you secure potential investors.

Need help with accounting and tax?

AHC’s Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are armed with Accuracy to detail, Highly professional experience, and Commitment to render services by providing outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, compliance, and special services to cater businesses in the Philippines.