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Special Services
Special Services

Special Accounting Services in the Philippines

AHC Certified Public Accountants Limited Co. offers a range of Special Accounting and Financial Monitoring services to local and foreign companies with active operations in the Philippines. Our Special Services are designed for businesses looking to outsource some of their complex functions to accounting firms with adequate resources and expert knowledge on managing accounting and financial processes.

As an Accounting and Tax Services Provider in the Philippines, we provide assistance to companies of varied sizes to help mitigate their exposure to potential risks, liabilities, and penalties on their internal accounting operations and financial transactions.

Our Special Services vary from restructuring accounting records, creating manuals for in-house accounting departments, improving internal processes to comply with local tax regulations, and producing documents for internal and external auditing purposes.

AHC can perform the following services:

  • Monitor internal processes to maximize productivity
  • Analyze financial performance and generate forecasts for client reference
  • Safeguard business resources from fraudulent activities through the application of secure internal controls
  • Provide solid advice on best practices in tax management
  • Generate documents for other financial operations

Our Special Accounting and Financial Monitoring Services

Tax Planning and Advice

Our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) will review your company’s internal processes to help minimize your tax liability with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the national taxing authority in the Philippines. We will also provide you with sound advice on how to save capital through effective tax management strategies as well as help you determine areas where you can generate tax savings.

Tax Compliance Review

We assist companies in aligning their internal tax structures with local regulations to maintain compliance with the tax requirements imposed on them by the BIR. We are knowledgeable with existing laws on taxation and constantly updated with any changes that the BIR may release in the future.      

Financial Due Diligence

We offer financial due diligence to companies looking to engage in mergers, acquisitions or investment deals with other businesses. We employ detailed financial analysis of a company’s gross revenue, profit margins, and valuation to provide our clients informed investment decisions before purchasing or selling a business. We also conduct cost-benefit analyses to help them maximize benefits and prevent unnecessary costs before negotiating with potential investors.    

Accounting Record Reconstruction

We will assist you in restructuring damaged accounting records due to inaccurate documentation or technical failures in your internal database. Our reconstruction services will run through potential sources of old financial records and identify missing or previously unavailable data. We are committed to helping you recompile your accounting records and comply with BIR’s 10-year retention and preservation period of accounting records for assessment purposes.

Financial Modeling

We will help you develop an effective financial model using customizable modeling tools and advanced accounting methodologies to create a solid forecast of your business performance so you can keep track of your financial assets. Our accountants will collect your balance sheets, financial statements, and other books of account to accurately forecast the valuation or future performance of your business. Additionally, we build our financial models using well-structured and easy-to-follow Excel formulas and advanced spreadsheet tools.   

Bank Reconciliation

We offer bank reconciliation services to aid you in removing inconsistencies between your bank statements and balance sheets so you can maintain accuracy in your accounting records and properly monitor your cash spendings. As an independent accounting firm, we are in a favorable position to ensure the transactions that appear in your books precisely match your bank’s records carefully monitoring your financial transactions to prevent fraud, overdrafts, and other financial errors.  

Accounting Manual Preparation

We will assist you in drafting an Accounting Manual that clearly outlines your internal accounting processes, policy guidelines, and standards to provide your in-house accounting team a detailed enumeration of the methods and instructions they have to follow to maintain accuracy and coherence in your accounting records.

Business Process and Internal Control Review

Our accountants will assess your business objectives and help you properly maintain employee competence, efficient accounting methods, and compliance with government regulations. We develop solutions to assist you in improving your internal workflows and provide a careful review of your internal policies. We also evaluate existing internal controls to identify areas that require improvement and test the ease of integration of control procedures.

Financial Statement Compilation

We also compile financial statements to create a general purpose financial statement for annual reports. The collected data neither includes additional auditing services nor guarantees accuracy since the data provided by the client remains as is. Companies can utilize this special service to comply with the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as well as for filing of Income Tax Returns (ITRs) for submission to the BIR.

Outsource Your Accounting and Financial Monitoring Processes To Us

Our team of CPAs will provide you with favorable access to best practices in accounting and taxation to streamline your internal processes and develop effective solutions for long-term application.