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Collation of Documents

Collation of Documents

Our CPAs will initially gather vital documents required during accounting periods in either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly in the Philippines. They rely on client preferences that wish to attain convenience in the midst of tight deadlines, filing tax returns, tax season, and other requirements in compliance with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Listed down below are documents for your reference:

  • Bank Statements
    A comprehensive financial statement including transactions such as the deposits and withdrawals of a client. Written on bank statements include Interest and service fees, checks, and the current balance of the associated bank account.
  • Invoices
    An invoice is a document that identifies transactions between the buyer/ client and another party. The invoice acts as a record for sales that are preceding. Clients send this document for payment in regards to various services availed together with due dates placed.
  • Receipts
    Along with the invoice kept for future references and transactions,  service providers and merchants issue official receipts after payment for specific goods or services. Receipts list down when and where the transaction occurred together with the items bought. Clients gather receipts for liquidation purposes.
  • Billing Statements
    Another type of financial statement in which banks usually issue on a monthly basis. Cardholders, whether debit or credit, receive this document, with banks listing down their transactions for the current month.
  • Payroll Registers
    Payroll registers contain employee details such as their government numbers (SSS, Pag-IBIG/HDMF, PhilHealth), birth dates, employee numbers, and payroll details such as the number of hours they have rendered for each day.
  • Contracts
    Specific contracts gathered by Clients such as sales contracts, letter contracts, indefinite delivery, option contracts, executed contracts, among many others.
  • Others
    Special requirements requested are also included during the collection of documents. Just remind your assigned CPA regarding additional documents not found from other businesses.