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BIR Prompts Online Sellers to Register by July 31
BIR Online Sellers

BIR Reminds Online Sellers to Register by July 31

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) reminds online sellers in the provinces to register on or before July 31 to become legitimate online entrepreneurs and ensure tax compliance. 

According to BIR’s Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 60-2020, all persons or businesses earning income in any form or kind, specifically through digital and online means, should register themselves and their business to comply with the BIR. 

The order is in line with BIR’s Legally Engaged Goal Oriented Individual/Non-Individual Tax Payer or “LEGIT” campaign. It applies to partner sellers or merchants and stakeholders such as payment gateways, internet service providers, delivery channels, and other facilitators. 

Concerned sellers and others similar must register through their respective Revenue District Office (RDO). 

The RDO will impose penalties under the law and existing revenue rules and regulations to those who will do business without proper compliance with the registration or update requirements. Past due and unpaid taxes will be penalized as well.

Penalties will also be imposed to businesses that register or update their registration later than July 31.


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